About us

Sur Yachts Europa was born from the love of life at sea, yachts, luxury and desire to make the management of superyachts easier and stress-free for shipowners and captains alike.

Based in the Balearic Islands, our corporate and operation & support teams, headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, ensure that all our clients receive help and support around the world while at sea or home port.

In addition to the complete guarantee that the technical and management aspects of ownership of the super-yachts are cared for, Sur Yachts Europe aims to enable owners to fully enjoy the experience of spending time on board by offering a wide range of services.

Through operational and technical management the company is committed to make the ownership of a yacht an extremely enjoyable experience, respecting its clients schedules and budgets.

With the support of a team of leading experts in the luxury yachting industry in Spain, Italy and the United States, Sur Yachts Europe provides 24/7 assistance to its clients worldwide.

Our team relentlessly and consistently focuses on our ultimate mission to create a strong relation of trust with our clients: to provide the best service through our thorough knowledge of the nautical world.