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A Seaman's Service Book (or Seaman's Service Record), also known as Seaman's Discharge Book, is a complete document in which various details and aspects of the seaman's professional life are recorded. It looks very much like a passport and is the same size, but has a very distinct scope.

As the name suggests, the service record contains details of where, when, how and on which ship the seafarer served. This information is important not only for the personal record but also for the government, potential employers and other members of the marine industry.

Details provided in the service record include:

  • Name of the seafarer with a recent photograph
  • Age and gender
  • Identification marks
  • Nationality and address
  • Identification number of service record book (unique)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Date of issue and expiry of the book
  • Name and rank of issuing authority

The book also includes details such as the seafarer's employment record. This includes the name of the company, rank, date and reason for leave. It mentions relevant details about their careers such as travel summaries, promotion records, visa approvals, official notices and ship's skill sets.To apply for a service book, a few steps must be taken. Since this book plays a very important role in the seaman's career, it must be taken through the appropriate means and channels.As a client you can expect personal communication and advice from a professional and dedicated member of our team. SYE holds documentation, information and expertise to help you apply for and obtain your service book as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of a timely, consistent and cost-effective service book, for more info: application: or call +34 673 799 806.



A captain's working day is always filled with more paperwork and less nautical matters. SYE inverts this situation: we help captains to prepare the planning and documentation required for port clearance and navigation in controlled waters. We make sure that incoming and outgoing customs clearance processes are always under control, as well as any changes to the crew list. We will contact you before you arrive in port, or as soon as we can upon arrival, to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed on your behalf. Experts in customs clearance, SYE can also ensure that all passengers are registered and have the proper documentation. We can also ensure that THE crew have all the correct documents so that the relevant paperwork is completed correctly in accordance with customs legislation.

SYE has extensive knowledge of customs, immigration, and local regulations, which will allow you legal access to all countries in the Mediterranean and overseas. Our team will handle all arrival and departure formalities, including but not limited to visas, clearance, customs and immigration procedures and medical fitness certificates (ENG1) SYE also takes care of your worldwide shipping needs. We can also take care of all logistical and shipping regulations, such as:

  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Temporary transit
  • Temporary storage


A chef on board is one of the most important players for the ultimate pleasure of the yacht. He/she must be a culinary expert with extensive experience who is responsible for all guest and crew meals, provisioning, and complete management of the galley with a lot of skills including, but not limited to, meal planning, purchasing, food safety and hygiene, as well as administration and inventory. Being a chef on a yacht requires strong communication skills, extensive food/nutritional knowledge, and creative presentation of dishes. SYE is pleased to partner with IYCA - Italian Yacht Chef Association the premier professional association in the yachting industry. IYCA relies on a vast network of suppliers all over the world with guaranteed experience, professionalism, and competence. Starting from the primary need to affirm the work and professionalism of Italian chefs who work aboard yachts, it develops activities aimed at professional training at various levels in collaboration with companies specializing in food supplies and professional equipment, collaborations with companies linked to the food and wine and nautical sectors.

By adding these collaborations to our growing network, we continue to consolidate our position as an all-round yacht management and supply company.

For more information: or call +34 673 799 806