Yacht Management


Yacht Management 

We provide a tailor-made Yacht Management services. Based in the Balearic Islands, Mallorca, we benefit from a closer relationship with European and US yacht operations, shipyards and port authorities. We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective support solution.
Our yacht management services include but are not limited to:

Parts and spares sourcing
Supporting local yacht agents
Arrangements for transport and travel for guests and crew
Itinerary planning
Port advice and coordination
Insurance assistance

Yacht Accounting

We manage the ship´s day to day financial and banking transactions, payroll duties, tax planning and preparation. We are well-equipped to handle all the financial complexities of yacht operation while in home port or at sea.
Our dedicated financial team handle supplier invoices, bank accounts, credit cards and ship's cash, among other tasks.
Reasonable and realistic budgets are set and arranged so that cash flow can be monitored on an ongoing basis. Our safe and completely monitored processes also give monthly account reports to benchmark real expenses against the budget, assuring that the ship is managed to full disclosure and transparency.
- Ship's cash management
- Bank cards 
- Bank accounts
- Preparing annual budgets, including refit costs 
- Multi-level expense control system
- Cash flow tracking and financial reporting


Yacht Safety and Compliance

We provide a practical and experienced approach to the application of local, national and international legislative requirements. 
- 24-hour emergency support, inclusive of medical support
- Safety Management System 
- Ship safety plans
- On-board security audits and risk assessment
- Certification and Documentation Management System
- Regular updates on new legislation
- Guide to local cruise regulations

Yacht Plan Maintenance and Refit

Sur Yachts Europa provides full-service yacht maintenance based on client preferences and specific needs. Our partnership with the leading manufacturers of ship equipment allows us to deliver original spare parts and receive a closed technical information.
Available 24/7, SYE has a technical team to assist with regular maintenance problems, emergency assistance or insurance related requests. Regardless of what type of technical support you require, we are always available . 
We take care of basic issues such as liaising with class and flag, providing spare parts and organising surveys. Straightforward tasks that can often involve diplomacy, endurance and strong language expertise.  
- 24/7 Emergency Technical Support
- Refit planning 
- Maintenance auditing
- Risk management
- On-site inspections 
- Technical Operations
- Flag status  
- Cost and budget control
- VSat flight time